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Practice Areas

Kepdowrie Chambers provides a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial legal services.

We can’t do everything, and we don’t want to (some stuff is just seriously boring).  However, a “shopping list” to pick from would look like this:

Corporate / Commercial Transactions
  • Capital raising / financing (debt and equity)
  • IPO’s / ASX listings
  • Funding / debt arrangements, charges, debentures, mortgages, loan arrangements
  • Company formation, structuring & re-structuring
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Buy-outs, buy-ins, share & trade sales
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances.
Information Technology Projects (IT / ICT)
  • Procurement of IT / ICT systems and services
  • Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • CRM, ERP and EDA projects
  • Outsourcing / offshoring projects
  • Managed and Hosting services
  • VAD and VAR agreements
  • 4G product development and licensing
  • Professional services and consultancy contracts
  • Consortia and teaming arrangements
  • R&D agreements
  • PPP/PFI projects
  • Basel III / Basel IV and IFRS compliance projects
  • Technology transfer, licensing-in / licensing-out
  • Contract management.
Intellectual Property (IP) services
  • Establishing processes and procedures to best protect your company’s IP
  • IP commercialisation and monetisation, licensing-in and licensing-out
  • Trade mark and brand management – filing and prosecuting trade mark applications, managing renewals
  • Franchising agreements, including Disclosure Documents
  • Merchandising agreements
  • Managing actual or threatened IP infringement by third parties (cease-and-desist)
  • Establishing processes and procedures to minimise the risk of infringing third party IP
  • IP audits and IP valuations.
e-commerce / m-commerce projects
  • Development and commercialisation of internet, wireless and mobile apps
  • ASP and ISP contracts
  • B2B, B2C and P2P solutions
  • e-banking applications and services
  • Mobile applications and services
  • Data protection / privacy compliance
  • Anti-spam advice and enforcement.
International trade and commerce
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Doing business and setting up in Australia
  • Inbound and outbound / importers and exporters
  • Jurisdiction issues, choice of law options
Biotech / pharma / life sciences
  • Clinical trials
  • R&D agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • NDA’s and Confidentiality agreements
  • Database licensing
  • Monetisation: marketing and distribution arrangements
  • Commercialisation: licensing-in and licensing-out.
Privacy / Data protection
  • Compliance policies and procedures
  • Audit.
Entertainment, Multimedia / Transmedia
  • Rights management
  • Product endorsement
  • Sponsorship
  • Image and character merchandising
  • Performer, artist and event management
  • Pooling arrangements.
Corporate Governance
  • Compliance with the Corporations Act and best practice corporate governance
  • Compliance with ASIC and ASX rules and other regulatory authorities
  • Compliance with Directors’ duties, including best practice
  • Liaising with accountants and auditors, including in relation to the preparation of audits, annual reports Managing your Statutory Books, such as the preparation of ASIC and ASX forms/notices/resolutions.
Commercial contracts
  • Drafting and/or advising in relation to commercial contracts with suppliers and customers
  • Assisting with the preparation/drafting of tender documents and responding to RFI’s (and compliance with procurement laws, probity and best practice – as applicable)
  • Settling and updating standard form contracts, reviewing third party contracts
  • Assisting with commercial and legal negotiations with customers and suppliers.
Employment, HR and IR
  • Employee and contractor agreements, consultancy arrangements
  • Employment manual, including establishing best practice (in relation to matters such as discrimination, risk management, internet usage policy, Spam Act compliance)
  • Employee share scheme arrangements (ESS’s and ESOPs)
  • Legal aspects of hiring and dismissal, managing disputes and complaints
  • Compliance with FWA and State legislation, including in relation to leave, redundancy, superannuation Managing employee claims & disputes.
Trade Practices / Competition / Anti-trust
  • Anti-trust and competition law audits
  • Ensuring compliance with trade practices, fair trading, competition and anti-trust laws and regulations
  • Engaging with regulatory bodies, including the ACCC.
  • Conducting internal presentations to your Board and/or staff in relation to topical legal issues.
Dispute Management / Resolution / Litigation
  • Mediation and conciliation services, settling disputes through commercial discussion
  • Commercial litigation as a last resort, including (as required) instructing barristers.