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George Brandis observed that: “…when Brexit occurs, on whatever terms that may be, the relationship between Australia and the United Kingdom, the very strong trading relationship that already exists, will continue unaffected.”

Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between Australia and the UK signed!!

The MRA was signed in London on 18th January 2019 by Dr Liam Fox (UK International Trade Secretary) and George Brandis QC (the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom).

The agreement will help boost trade flows between the two countries and will continue when the UK leaves the European Union. In particular, UK exporters can ensure goods are compliant with Australian technical regulations before they depart the UK, saving businesses time, money and resources. Australian exporters to the UK will benefit in the same way.

Perhaps even more importantly, Fox and Brandis took the opportunity also to announce that the UK and Australia have both committed to seeking a new ambitious, comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA) that will allow UK and Australian companies to enjoy an even closer trading relationship after the UK leaves the European Union. 

Click here for the full text of the press release.