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Working with You


Our Charter is to provide our clients with personal, professional, pro-active and cost-beneficial legal services



We contribute positively and substantively to our clients’ successes and the achievement of their commercial objectives



We add demonstrable value to your business


Risk Control

We identify, manage and mitigate risks



We enable our clients to focus on their core business.


We forge close business relationships with our clients – it’s simply the best way to provide a service, any service.

Every project, transaction or deal that we work on we learn more about each other and the relationship develops more deeply.

Core values

We can add value to your organisation.  Our clients, who believe that we add value to their businesses, have themselves a number of identifiable “core” values:


  • their brand is their bond
  • their employees are regarded as critical assets who are safe-guarded and nurtured
  • their intellectual capital is a key competitive asset which they invest in, protect, enhance and commercialise, vigorously
  • their business plan is to compete and win, legitimately
  • they believe that litigation is a last-resort option – a disagreement is just a good opportunity to do a deal
  • they want their lawyer to integrate as part of their team, as their business partner, twenty-four-seven.